"Happy Meow-lo-ween" Pumpkin Panel Decoration

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Pumpkin Panel Decoration

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Pumpkin Panel Decoration is an 8.5″ x 11″ pumpkin-shaped painted and decorated wood panel made to hang on a wall or a door or stand up in a Halloween display. Price includes shipping.

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I purchased a lightweight pumpkin-shaped wood panel in order to have some fun. It’s painted purple on the body and green on the stem and the sketch of the Four Housecats of the Apocalypse is printed on sticker material and adhered to one side. I added a leaf-decorated wired garland to decorate the stem.

It’s lightweight enough to hang on just about anything, and you can also lean it against another item or use a small easel to keep it upright in a table display. Mine hangs on my front door and has withstood a lot of temperature changes and humidity, so it could also spend sometime in an outdoor display that was protected from precipitation.


This sketch from Halloween night in 2012 as I handed out my candy and all the knocking got to be a bit much for these four was destined to be a Halloween design. I put together my desktop calendars, but when I designed the card the sketch needed a little something extra so I drew a pumpkin to add to the design.

I also offer this design as a garden flag and a greeting card, and you can find handmade gift items by searching “Halloween“.