Kelly Has a Drink, 11 x 17

“Kelly Has a Drink” Laminated Placemat

“Kelly Has a Drink” Laminated Placemat is 11 x 17 laminated with 5 mil laminate, available singly and in sets of two and four. Price includes shipping.

[ss_product id=’b86ec51c-8291-11e6-919a-002590787d08′ ]Laminated Placemat, Kelly Has a Drink[/ss_product]

Placemats are printed on one side of 110# matte cover stock and then laminated with 5 mil laminate. They can be used for water and food bowls as well as placemats for your table, or any surface that needs a little protection.


What legs! Kelly really did have long legs, especially when she did her drinking dance, solidly planting all four paws, then prancing her hind paws and waving her tail while she drank. There’s something so precious about Kelly drinking; I think it had to do with her timid nature, yet she totally enjoyed her water so I enjoyed her enjoyment.

This is the last sketch I did of Kelly while she was still with me in August 2012, ironic that I would catch one of the poses I really wanted to be sure to catch before it was too late. It’s one of those poses I’d watched Kelly take for years, her little drinking stance, leaning way down from those long legs and lapping noisily at the water; for such a fastidious and rather timid kitty, she made noises drinking and bathing that I could hear two rooms away, and they always made me laugh.

But there is always something like this that we remember about our animal companions, something that makes no sense to anyone else. You know, the odd bathing position, the awkward sleeping habit, the strange toy, all these things are what show us they really are individuals and are often the things we remember the longest about them.


You can read more about this piece of artwork and Kelly on the page about this sketch.


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