Mewsette in the Mirror.

“Mewsette in the Mirror” Feline Photo Card

Mewsette settles here every day after breakfast, quietly reflecting in the sun, a space of beauty in the brilliant yellow morning light, in the old cream lace curtain, the very old and slightly clouded, pitted mirror in its round antique gold frame, the time-worn wood of the wardrobe, and contemplative Mewsette, soft and rounded in her thoughts.

[ss_product id=’5e9817c8-e552-11e5-86a9-0cc47a075d76′ ]Victoriana Cats, Mewsette Mirror[/ss_product]

  • Card is blank inside but can be customized with your message for an extra charge.
  • This card assorts with all other 5″ x 7″ greeting cards (except custom printed cards) for a quantity discount.
  • Individual cards are shipped by first class mail.
  • Sets of six and twelve are packed in a clear-top stationery box. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail.

About the artwork

The photos in “Victoriana Cats” may look antique and sepia-toned, they are neither. My cats are perfect models and knew to pose in the bright yellow morning sun in front of my round antique mirror and the narrow casement window with the lace curtain. I applied a few Photoshop filters to the original photos to make them consistent in tone and style. On the back is the story of the photo.

Use them for all-purpose greeting cards, sympathy, thinking of you, friendship, or find some shabby chic frames for 5″ x 7″ images and frame them for your walls.