“Stanley With Apple” Chalkboard

This 5″ x 6″ wood panel chalkboard has “Stanley With Apple” on one side and solid dark green on the back, covered with chalkboard texture; it comes with a piece of chalk to start with.

[ss_product id=’ee48388c-8294-11e6-9af7-002590787d08′ ]Handmade Feline Gift, Chalkboard “Stanley With Apple”[/ss_product]

I am so excited about this little project, partly because it actually worked out as I’d planned on the first try! I have always seen the little sketch, “Stanley With Apple”, as a “back to school”  thing because the combination of the apple and the way I’d worked the background always looked like a chalkboard, and used it for my “back to school” garden flag “Impressionist Cats”. I’ve always wanted to make little chalkboards too, and when I saw chalkboard paint I had to try it with the next idea I had.

So here we are at back-to-school time and I found the perfect little wood panel, fitted the art onto it, painted it with the chalkboard finish (the back is painted forest green in case you want a non-cat area to write notes), and gave it a try with a piece of chalk just to see if the painted surface worked…and it did! After the recent disappointments with the rubber stamps and other projects this just made the month for me. I drilled holes and added the twine hanger and the chalk on a piece of twine. You can hang it on the wall or on a hook on a refrigerator or other surface. Wipe off your notes with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth or sponge.



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