Vendor display with me.

Summer Open House and Studio Sale

Vendor display with me.

Vendor display with me.

Join us for an In-person and Virtual Open House!

Friday, July 31 through Sunday August 1, 2021

In person or virtual, you’re invited to our Summer Open House, July 31 through August 1. I always feel bad that some of you who have been following me from the very beginning can’t be here for my open houses and other events. Often I have items I never list on my website because they sell best in person, and I always have discounts for people who visit.

Unlike my last three open houses when I was “open” for a week, I’m back to the weekend only Friday through Sunday. It’s difficult with weather and other work to keep everything up and out for a whole week, which was mostly for safety when Covid numbers were high. I have had my vaccine and am following current state guidelines for Covid and I’ll have masks and hand sanitizer. With most of it outdoors and spread out we should all be able to keep a distance and be safe. I’m hoping for good weather so I’m not rained out again. Looks like a rainy week and hopefully it will clear up for the weekend.

Display of nature accessory bags.

Display of nature accessory bags.

I’ll have gift items, original art and prints, greeting cards and more, including holiday cards and decorations, inside, on my front porch and deck, and in at least one tent in my back yard.

  • All original art is 25% off
  • Framed prints, all subjects, small $25.00, large $50.00
  • Boxed dozen cards $10 ($10 off regular price)
  • 2 for $25 when you buy two of the same gift item

For those at a distance, I’ll do my best to photograph or video my displays so that you can see what’s not on my website.


But I’ll include anyone who is interested and you can shop either in person or online, which means if you are nowhere near us you can still choose from all the stuff AND get the 25% discount I always offer at my open house events. If you are interested, please sign up for my Open House newsletter, information below.

Display of nature gifts.

Vendor display with me.

I am looking forward to this open house after the farmer’s markets.

cat items display

Cat items display.

You can shop online whether you’re local or not. If you’re local you can shop in person and stop by to pick things up, or shop in person and online. You’ll get the 25% discount on all your purchases made during those three days no matter how they’re made. You can contact me about something you saw in a photo or video, or if it’s not listed on my website, for more information. Remember that if an item is purchased in person it’s not taken out of my inventory online until I do it manually. I hope to do that promptly.

Display of votives.

Display of votives.

And you can Shop to Donate! My neighborhood’s cat rescue page is Cubbage Hill Cats, and I’ll have a table of cat things, from tchotchkes to clothing to furniture, and all of the selling price goes directly to the fund. You can always donate more if you want to!

I will no doubt update with blog posts and send out other newsletters to give special details to you at a distance.

Sign up for a 25% discount!

If you shop in person, I give you a 25% discount on your entire order. If you shop online, you need a discount code. Either way, you need to sign up for my Open House notifications so that I can email you the information.


Usually I send post cards because the cards are worth the investment, and I’d love to be able to send you one for future open houses whether you are local or distant. Because I don’t want to broadcast my address to total strangers on social media I keep a list of those who have expressed interest and encourage them to share with friends and family. If you’d like to be on that list click this link and sign up! You can let me know if you want a post card, email, or both. I know sometimes it takes that much to get my attention for events.

Please contact me if you have questions. I look forward to sharing what I’ve created!

Display of tent.

Display of tent.

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