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Featured Artwork: Klepto Cat Book Cover No. 33, “The Secret Claws” ~ The Creative Cat

Book 33 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries is out, and this is the cover. The story involves a vacation place, a little church in the mountains, and a bunch of keys that end up pointing to bad behavior by several people involved. Of course, Rags runs circles around the humans and figures it all out. […]


#30paintingsin30days Day 16: Illustration

It’s been a little difficult to keep up with posting daily paintings but I am actually working on some artwork each day, including commissions and gifts, which I can’t post right away, and ongoing portraits, which don’t get done in a day. But as the month goes on I can post some of those commissioned […]


Tiffany and Rags, #30in30, Day 18

This is a little confusing for me because I’m skipping book number 20 in this series, and this is the cover for book number 21. I’m counting the cover painting I did as part of my “30 Paintings in 30 Days” painting, for day 18, so up we go with these two kitties and their […]