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September Nature Desktop Calendar: Season of Plenty

While I often photograph butterflies and wildflowers in the wild, these were actually growing in a parking lot. When our town’s parking lots were rebuilt a few years ago standards for stormwater management were integrated into the plan, and a swale with plantings between the rows of cars was filled with native plants. Each year […]


Signs of Peace & Love: Flowers & Butterflies

The peace sign is a peaceful blue, and the heart is a vibrant red, and from there we have two opinions. The flower is a sunflower, specifically a woodland sunflower, a motif you may see frequently on this site. The color is golden yellow, but the center is stippled on with copper metallic paint, just […]


May Nature Desktop Calendar: Monarch and Echinacea

If you plant it, they will come. Butterflies are very specific with the flowers and plants they need for life. Monarchs and others visit my echinacea, especially in the sunny areas. If you are interested in butterflies and habitats, please read my article about designing, building and certifying your butterfly habitat, along with downloadable information […]