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Commissioned Father’s Day Portrait: Keith, Seuss and Munchkin

This portrait was a total Father’s Day surprise for Keith from his wife and children, and it was so much fun to put together. 25% discount on portraits lasts until June 30, 2021 I can’t get a portrait done by then, but you can still purchase a portrait before the end of the month and […]


A Special Gift for the Cat Guy in Your Life

In 2010 a friend and customer Carolyn said she’d like to commission me to create a portrait of her brother-in-law and his cat as a gift for his retirement from 40 years of teaching high school biology. The cat, Simba, was a great love of Fred, and had been for all Simba’s 17 years at […]


A Small and Simple Portrait, “Chloe”

This portrait is a break from the usual larger, full-color and highly detailed portraits, just to share a little moment and focus on the expression, the face, the most-remembered part of just about any creature we love, human or animal. I had a number of photos, but none were close-up enough but this pose, though […]