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February 2020 Personal Creative Challenge, Day 9: Update on Amy’s Portrait

I’m counting all creative things I do into my creative challenge, especially artwork. Time spent on a portrait works into that. I began this portrait last summer but picked it up again after my hip surgery last fall. I had a chance to meet with the customer last month and posted the first draft then. […]


Commissioned Home Paintings: A Unique Childhood Home, 1992

Sketches and paintings of homes were at one time a popular gift for children moving away, parents selling the big family home to downsize, or grandchildren who’d never seen the place but heard the stories. Photographing a home well enough to make it a framable portrait of the place is not an easy task as […]


Custom Artwork as Gifts

Whether to remember the home you grew up in, give a gift to your parents as they move from the family home, or remember a special shared place in a way that a photo can’t convey, a painting can create an atmosphere and a gift that is completely unique. Sometimes I’m fortunate to meet a […]