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Featured Feline Artwork and January Desktop Calendar: Winter Afternoon

  The inspiration for this sketch was that black cats are easily camouflaged on the old wool afghan, and it made me laugh. Look closely and you’ll see four cats in this sketch. Basil, Bella, Bean and Mewsette spent the entire long, quiet winter afternoon on the wool afghan my mother made in 1946. Register […]


December Featured Nature Art and Desktop Calendar: “Dusk in the Woods”

A fitting way to celebrate the winter holidays and send off the year, with a painting of the “blue hour”, “l‘heure bleue“, that time of transition. Though it is a painting of the woods in snow this painting is still connected to my felines and to my life in a very deep and special way, […]


November Featured Nature Art and Desktop Calendar: “Safe”

For my November nature artwork calendar, this painting captures the colors and even the look of the outdoors this time of year. But it also captures the feel of the season: safe, in familiar territory, with family or loved ones, and giving thanks for the bounty of life. Though they nibble on some of my […]