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25% Off All Original Art, and a Gallery of Just Available Originals

People will ask which of my original works are available and the best I can tell them is to come over to my house to look at my walls—and dig through portfolios and boxes and all the little cubby holes where I have artwork stored. Sometimes I go looking and find paintings I forgot I […]


#30PaintingsIn30Days Review, #30in30

Well, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a painting for each of the 30 days, but I did 14 new paintings, and they were 14 ideas I’d been wanting to paint for a while, so I consider that a success, for me. I had five more planned, but things get in […]


As the Crow Flies, #30paintingsin30days, Day 20

I am participating in Leslie Saeta’s annual “30 in 30” painting challenge this month. This is my painting for day 20. The day was gray, misty and quiet, just the day to spot a large crow perched atop a dead tree. I was transfixed by its stillness, unmoving, against the gray sky, took a photo, […]