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New Nature-themed Cabochon Pendants from the Panhandle Trail

Last year’s flower show of pendants from the Panhandle Trail were a hit, so I made more for this year. But I could also picture other elements of nature, like the red-tailed hawks that constantly soar above against the blue sky, and the moon from my painting “Sycamore Moon”. I purchased a few bags of […]


Flowers and Butterflies Cabochon Pendants, Two for $25.00

One of the things that’s always drawn me out into nature is the free flower show each year from the first thaw to the last frost. It’s happening out there right now with the floor of the woods covered with spring ephemerals all blooming in their turn. I already see the summer wildflowers putting up […]


January Special: Cabochon Pendants, Two for $25.00

When I got ready for my open house in December I made a few dozen more feline cabochon pendants, some I’d made before and also new art and photos, like the orange kitty you see in this photo, and with new cabochon plates, plain circles in a bigger variety of metal finishes as well as […]

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