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Sold Original: Emerging Spring

Emerging Spring was the featured artwork for this year’s Seasons on the Panhandle Trail exhibit. I had the feeling I would sell this original painting around Rock the Quarry this year, but I never take it for granted. There are a few people who have purchased different genres of my original art over the years, […]


April Nature Desktop Calendar: Emerging Spring

A scene tucked away along my favorite trail, I’ve visualized this spring painting for probably all the 20 years I’ve been walking this trail. Carefully tiptoeing through the brush at the edge of the opposite bank I leaned out, holding on to a sapling for balance, to see the suddenly brilliant mosses contrasting with the […]


February Nature Desktop Calendar: Main Street Reflections

I regularly walk around my little town for my errands, always taking my camera with me. This February day in 2005 was no exception, and the bright sun and clear blue sky brought out all the colors masked by winter overcast. These were film photos, not digital, and captured the reflection on the water so […]