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June Nature Desktop Calendar: The Perfect Place

Just one little careful study of sun on the bench and flowers, from anothers’ garden. My own garden bench should be so well landscaped. I loved this scene and the way I managed to capture it with the coarse board I had prepared, but in the years since then I have found this little painting […]


Keepsakes Made from Vintage Cardboard Cigar Boxes

A month ago I posted a photo of my fine felines sitting atop a box of something that was soon to be another project, as soon as they processed the contents by sleeping on them. They handed those contents over to me I set aside this past weekend to get it done. More cigar box […]


Celebrate Spring Gift Giving with Flowery Gift Bags

As soon as I saw brightly-colored gift bags for spring and summer I knew I had to get right to my latest idea: gift bags with flowers! Just like my picturing my feline art on gift bags, I have so many paintings and photos that I’ve always pictured on gift bags too. Time for my […]