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Another Exhibit for the Books, Seasons of the Panhandle Trail 2018

This year’s Rock the Quarry event was so busy I barely got out of my tent! That makes it very exciting—on Friday night, usually slower, I posted that I was hoarse from talking and didn’t have the chance to post anything until nearly 10:00 p.m. They are long days and run late, but it’s my […]


Favorite Photos for Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail

It was really the art that inspired me to have an exhibit of Panhandle Trail images during Rock the Quarry, but I have far more photos than paintings. I’ve used them as the basis for paintings, I’ve used them for graphic designs and websites totally unrelated to Panhandle, and I sell prints of them too. […]


Getting Ready for Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail

I’ve been enjoying my trip around the seasons while getting ready for my fifth annual Seasons Along the Panhandle Trail exhibit. I can hardly believe it’s next weekend already! I’m framing new artwork and making sure the older pieces are clean and neat, making prints of art and photos and packaging or framing them, plus […]