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Healing, Now and For the Future | Paths I Have Walked

April 3 was the six-month anniversary of my hip replacement surgery, a condition and event that totally changed my way of living and income over the course of two years. At this point I am as good as healed and have been working on getting back to “normal”, but that normal doesn’t exist right now, […]


A “Work” Anniversary | Paths I Have Walked

January 1 is the anniversary of the day I began working at home and it’s very easy to remember what year I’m celebrating because that day was January 1, 2000. I could live on what I earned as a freelancer, the art sales were gravy, my office was set up, my car was paid off […]


Fifteen Years

“Aurora Borealis”, a sketch I did for an illustration for a book about two polar bears who…I don’t remember the story line, but I do remember checking my voice mail at home while I was at work that last autumn I was at my day job, and listened to the message from the small press […]