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Featured Artwork: Mischief, a New Holiday Painting

Guess who’s getting into some mischief? It’s the little tag team, Mariposa and Hamlet! It always starts when one of them tags the other, and the chase begins, but I don’t think Hamlet looks like he wants to play right now. I vowed to paint this idea for the holidays this year, and, well, it’s […]


June Feline Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: Kitty and Buster

“Cats looking out windows” has always been a favorite theme of mine. Add the delicacy of sheer ruffled curtains and I’m totally hooked. It’s the whole scene I love, the moment, even the silly one of just seeing butts and tails on the windowsill and shadowed silhouettes through the curtain, and it’s too cute when […]


Time to Start Thinking About Mother’s Day?

The design on this box features one of my daily sketches of Mewsette curled with her tiny mama Mimi in a spot of sun at the top of the stairs. It’s large enough to be either a gift or a gift box for a special Mother’s Day gift. This box is hand-painted in Caribbean blue […]