Votives decorated for the season.

Time for Holiday Shopping for Nature & Wildlife Inspirations

Votives decorated for the season.

Votives decorated for the season.

I’d love for my art and gifts to be a part of your holiday giving!

This post will be the first feature of gift items, and I guarantee there will be a second in a week or so as I restock sold items and produce entirely new items such as tiles, placemats, decorative wall and shelf art, and refrigerator memos. Now that I’m back on my feet after my hip replacement I can catch up.

(If you’re looking for feline inspirations, read It’s Black Cat Friday and We Are Ready!)

First, the special offers

Below are two discount offers available while you shop on Portraits of Animals.

25% Off Original Art

"Safe", pastel, 15" x 20", 2015 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Safe”, pastel, 15″ x 20″, 2015 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Any original painting on Portraits of Animals
Use the coupon code ORIGINALART25 in your shopping cart.
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Visit my gallery of Available Original Art to browse.

Buy 2 for $25.00 on Many Gift Items

The green display with keepsake boxes, tiles, votives, and hand-printed note cards.

The green display with keepsake boxes, tiles, votives, and hand-printed note cards.

Gift items are priced at $15.00 each, you get a $5.00 discount when you buy two. All tax, shipping and handling are included in that price.
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Votives ~ Cabochon Pendants ~ Keepsake Boxes ~ Painted Signs ~ Tote Bags ~ Tiles ~ Trinket Dishes
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Read this post for more information and the discount codes you’ll need.

Gift Items

My Handmade Gift Gallery includes new everyday and seasonal items and designs for my nature and wildlife inspirations including jewelry, decorative dishes and coasters, keepsake boxes and household items. Click any image below to read more about the item, and scroll down to read more about my fifth annual exhibit.

Seasonal Votives and More

Another view.

Another view.

I etch the inside of the recycled glass jar or purchased votive to better diffuse the light from the candle, then print the art or design on a commercial vinyl label and burnish it onto the glass. Each votive comes with an LED tea light. Often you’ll find the same design on another gift item to give as a set. Visit my Votives gallery to see these and more.

Seasonal Ornaments

I make my ornaments with purchased wooden discs or polymer clay I’ve shaped and on which I impress, paint, stencil or otherwise fix the image and embellish. Each ornament comes with a hanger. Visit my Ornaments gallery to see these and more.

Artwork Imprinted Tiles and Coasters

I make these 4.75” tiles from white polymer clay and heat transfer the image onto the surface.Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping and drying changes their dimensions, they are not uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique. Visit my Tiles and Coasters gallery to see these and more.

Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are decorated with prints of my art and photos and detailed with acrylic paint. Some are mache or wood and some are made from vintage cigar boxes. Visit my Keepsake Boxes page to see them all.

Decorative Wooden Trays

These decorative trays are 10 x 14 and 8 x 12, made of lightweight unfinished wood and feature a favorite painting and photos of scenes along the trail. Visit my Trays page to see more.

Wildflowers and Butterflies of the Panhandle Trail Pendants

The cabochon pendants I’d made for my Seasons of the Panhandle Trail exhibit sold so well the first day that I made another set the next morning! Sunflowers and sweet peas, daisies and St. John’s Wort, and butterflies.

Featured Gallery: Winter White

I love winter so much I decided to do a show featuring the season in 2004, with snow and without. From bright blue skies to brilliant fluttering chestnut leaves, forest green spruces to amber oaks, shiny red rose hips to olive green moss, winter is a very colorful time of year.

“Winter White” is a series of small sketches, none larger than 12″ x 12″, inspired by winter in pastel, watercolor, pencil and pen and ink from the trails to the backyard, completed en plein air and indoors—often standing on my deck or sitting in the front seat of the car—illuminated by the stark light of winter. Best of all…All original-sized prints are $10.00
Visit this post to see more.

Photo Galleries

Visit all my photo galleries for gift ideas on Portraits of Animals. Here are a few galleries with seasonal themes, and stories to accompany.

The Light in the Darkness

Never forget that when the light seems dim there is much to be seen with the heart, and when adversity has taken away the quick and obvious beauty, the strongest parts remain, dignified in their naked and twisted strength. More…

I Chased a Sunset

Racing over acres of the park to watch the sun drop below the far horizon, the bare silhouetted trees, the perfect shading in the sky from violet through red to yellow, the violet snow, the final fiery red blaze before it all faded—and all nature made, I was only there to record it. Read more…

Dramatic Light

When I saw the snow that morning, just an inch or two carefully blanketing each branch and twig in the tree outside my window I knew what my destiny would be if the snow stopped and the sun came out.

It did, and I headed for the Panhandle Trail, on foot just planning about an hour of photos in the first half mile of the trail. Mission accomplished. Read more…

Boxed Sets of a Dozen Holiday Cards

Don’t forget your holiday cards! Inspired by my trails, woods and even my back yard, these designs celebrate nature and a love of winter. You can find them on my page of Seasonal and Holiday Cards.

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