Tops, wraps, scarves and totes.

Visit My VIDA Collection

My Collection.

My Collection.

VIDA is an online print-on-demand shop for garments and accessories working with artists and designers who set up a collection of their own works and makers around the world who create the items chosen. I’ve just added my initial collection of autumn and winter apparel and accessories, and VIDA is hosting a sale, details below.


In my VIDA account, I choose at top, scarf, tote bag or wrap, upload my art and start designing using their visual designer. When I’m happy with it, I save the draft and submit it for acceptance into the VIDA collection. If accepted it will be displayed under my name on my VIDA collection page.

Tops, wraps, scarves and totes.

Tops, wraps, scarves and totes.

I like to keep the production of products I sell safe and fair, as eco-conscious, socially conscious and cruelty-free as possible, and for the most part I make them myself or I purchase/contract from people I know. These products are made through VIDA in Delhi, India and Karachi, Pakistan, and in order to support the makers, the factories are set up by VIDA, workers are trained and paid a fair wage for their expertise, and are given literacy skills and math so that they can learn to run businesses of their own. Read more here. The company is backed by Google Ventures and a number of other supporters.

While several products, such as the scarves, tops and wraps are typically printed on silk, I avoid silk because of the cruelty of creating it. VIDA offers a “modal” option on these items which is similar to rayon with a thinner softer feel.

"As the Crow Flies" collection.

“As the Crow Flies” collection.

This design is adapted from my photo, “Simple”. I felt the design needed a different name in this context so I named it “As the Crow Flies” and tried it out on four products.

I have chosen a few designs from my nature and flowers photos and paintings. By the terms of my contract with VIDA, while I’m selling these products on VIDA, I can’t sell similar products on my own site, which is common among opportunities like this and fair to me. I can’t produce these products from this art easily or with any type of cost-efficiency so for now I have the opportunity to at least display some of the other ideas I have here. Nearly all designs right now are autumn and winter; I had begun this process a month or so ago and have one design that’s flowery for summer, “Red Climbers” and decided to leave it in the collection and will add more flowery things as time permits. I have plans for feline artwork and will work out a few of those before I add any feline artwork on VIDA.

Tops, wraps and scarves.

Tops, wraps and scarves.

I’ve also used the paintings “Sycamore Moon“, “Birches 2: Radiance“, “Jammin Jay Blues“, “Accent” and a photo, “Autumn Lights”, in designs in this account. Now that I’m accustomed to it I’ll add a few more.

I get 10% of the selling price which is typical of selling sites with print-on-demand options. All I have to do is design the item and the site takes care of selling, production, shipping and customer service, and that’s okay with me. VIDA constantly hosts special sales and discounts, and I will occasionally update those sales and new items here on the blog.

You can find my Vida Collection page here on Portraits of Animals.


Click here to see what’s currently available.


Speaking of VIDA sales and specials, here is the current special:

20% off $100+ // Use Code Autumn20

30% off $300+ // Use Code Autumn100

40% off $1200+ // Use Code Autumn500

Expires September 26, 2016.



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