Whimsical and Fine Art Feline-themed Vintage Cigar Box Keepsakes

Feline-themed cigar box keepsakes.

The weather was so beautiful today and more spring flowers are blooming, so I had to take a few new items outside to photograph them. We never know when the next sunny day will come along! I’ve been busy replacing items that have sold and embellishing things that did not, and the cigar box keepsakes were in that order.

Of course, Mimi helped me with the photography. What would I do without her?

black cat with keepsake boxes

Mimi looks them over.

These cigar boxes are the old-style cardboard type, the ones we probably all grew up with around the house, holding photos and hardware and handkerchiefs. These boxes are in varying states of wear and tear, written on, watermarked, with holes from thumbtacks and dinged up corners and warped lids, but usable for brand new works of creative whatever. A few needed the paper hinges on the lids repaired and a few corners reconstructed.

Summer Living Keepsake

Summer Living Keepsake

As I decorated the boxes I left some of the text and art for vintage’s sake, especially that on the inside, often embossed and very decorative, and on the back, which often showed where the cigars originated and with original handwriting ensuring their inventory and authenticity.

Summer Living Keepsake inside

I also incorporated some of the original exterior decoration and trim into my designs on a few boxes.

Detail of sides.

Detail of sides.

The artwork is printed on acid-free art paper and adhered to the top surface. The lids are a little warped but cover the contents, though they might flip open if the box is tipped.

A pair of housepanthers, anyone? This is the smallest one, and I just love the size and shape.

Black and Light

Black and Light

Special: Two Keepsake Boxes for $25.00

Maybe you want a gift or it’s hard to choose just one, this special discount applies all the time on all designs of keepsake boxes for $15.00, nature and cats: buy two keepsake boxes for $25.00, use the discount code 25FORTWOKEEPSAKES. You get a $5.00 discount when you buy two. All tax, shipping and handling are included in that price. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!

Here is a gallery of all of the cigar box keepsakes with the name of each design. You can find them and others on my Keepsakes page in my Handmade Gift Gallery.

Just remember that the cigar boxes are unique, though I often use the same or similar artwork. But when each box is sold it’s gone and I may not be able to find a similar size box.

A special keepsake

A friend purchased a keepsake from me at the hearts & Paws event last year. It was to hold cremains and memories of a hospice cat she’d fostered and had to put to sleep. When I saw her prior to the event she mentioned she’d be looking for another box for another special kitty. I asked her what the kitty looked like and if I could I’d use art that would work for her memory.

The kitty was a long-haired tortie, and while I’ve fostered a number of long-haired torties I knew I didn’t have any artwork. The keepsakes usually feature a more fine art look, or a more finished look, not a sketch, but one image came to mind, “Kelly With Grapes and Apple”. I debated, it wasn’t a piece of artwork someone would consider pretty, especially since Kelly’s face is entirely in shadow and it’s all a little abstract. I actually decided against, then for, back and forth.

When I finally got to the keepsakes the day before the event I decided just to go with it. A square keepsake fit the image perfectly and even though I still had a shred of a doubt my inner voice said it was the right thing to do. It looked beautiful when finished.

Kelly Keepsake

Kelly Keepsake

When she came to my area we talked and I was actually uncertain about the keepsake again. Normally I’d pull it out of the display and hand it to the person, but I just wasn’t sure so I gestured where the cigar box keepsakes were displayed and let her decide. None of the others look at all like a tortie, and I decided to just suggest, pointing my hand at the keepsake, on the end of the row, and telling her I wasn’t sure if this art was good for her tortie but this was the keepsake I’d made if she liked it.

But she had already seen it, reached over and grabbed it and said, “That’s her, this is it.” I stuttered about how I wasn’t sure but I was glad, and it was such an emotional moment we both got a little teary-eyed.

Following your intuition, or possibly following one of those animal guides, is the best guidance. She obviously felt her tortie girl in the image, and I was so happy to let a little more of Kelly out in the world to secure her memory. Purrhaps she and the tortie even met somewhere off in the spirit world.

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