Sunset Cruise, pastel on black pastel paper, 9 x 12 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Wrap-up From Original Art Sale

My Spring Cleaning Special Discount of 50% off original art was such an incredible success I can still hardly believe it. I sold 20 original paintings and sketches, and the net from these sales after shipping and other costs pretty much made up for the income from several vendor shows I missed last year. I’ve shared more of those details below.

For now, here are the nature and wildlife images that sold followed by the feline works, because I know you’ll be familiar with those as well. I’ll just say it’s both bittersweet and energizing—some are very much favorites and all are very loved, but now I really do have physical and creative space to let my inspirations flow in the coming months with new images and ideas.

Feline sold originals

Isn’t that a nice group of paintings? As I said, I love each one, I remember painting or sketching it—with the exception of the orange batik kitty, done when I was 12! Some of them, like that one, go way back in my history, others are recent inspirations. It’s like fostering cats: if you can’t let go, you can’t do more. I am ready, and overflowing with ideas.

Having this infusion of cash all in a two-week period did just what I had planned in helping me budget that amount, after shipping and other expenses to send the artwork to its new home, into paying the bills over the next two months, and then some. This will help me catch up on back taxes with my payment plan because I am required to pay on two payment plans while I’m also paying on this year’s taxes.

It will also help purchase materials—especially those unavoidably expensive ink cartridges for my Epson printer, which I rely on for many of the things I make: art prints, tiles, keepsake boxes, magnets, pins, votives, pendants, placemats, trays, the list goes on, just about anything I make that has the image of one of my paintings or photos. At about $125.00 for a set of XL cartridges, it’s one of the larger expenses for things I make for each event or show, never a discount from Epson, and my printers have never accepted reconditioned or generic matches. There are times when I have stated my plan to make something, and then I don’t, and usually it’s because of running out of ink cartridges and with money being tight I just couldn’t justify spending what I had on ink cartridges.

And then there’s the car I need to buy, and last week…the furnace, which runs, but does not shut off, and is so old there are no parts available for it. At least I can get heat but I have to use the switch on the furnace to turn it on and off. It’s near the end of the heating season, and let’s hope my luck holds out.

Thanks to all of you who purchased artwork!


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