oil pastel painting of gerbera daisies

50% Off on All Original Art

pastel painting of fawn in shade

Curious Fawn, 13 x 15, pastel © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

My physical recovery from my hip replacement has been a breeze, but my financial recovery has been moving a little more slowly as I wait for show season to arrive. It did, along with COVID-19, and just as quickly all my events into June have been cancelled. I feel pretty safe from COVID-19, and I hope you are too, but I need to infuse my household with a few sales with the lack of vendor events. So I’m offering a special discount on all original artwork, but a bigger discount than usual, only until March 31, 2020.

A Spring Cleaning Special


50% Off Original Art

any original painting on Portraits of Animals


Use the coupon code ORIGINALART50 in your shopping cart.


Visit my gallery of Available Original Art to browse.

Greenhouse Gerberas, oil pastel, 11 x 15 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

If there is an original that you don’t see and are interested in, it may be sold, or it just may not be listed. Listing on my website is time-consuming and I tend to either wait until I have a bunch in one category, or list as I make or feature things, but all my recent works are on the site. Please ask if you have any questions, bernadette at bernadette-k dot com.

And 2 for $25.00 Gift Items

Votives, trays and coasters


Each item on my website has $5.00 added into the posted price to cover average shipping. But shipping two of most items often costs no more than shipping one. I always give a discount at in-person sales at shows and in my shop, and I try to offer discounts to customers who don’t live close enough to visit me and the housepanthers.

This includes:

  • Votives
  • Cabochon Pendants
  • Keepsake Boxes
  • Garden Flags
  • Painted Signs
  • Tote Bags
  • Tiles
  • Trinket Dishes

All my gift items are priced at $20.00 or less, including shipping. That’s where you’ll find your discount! That way you can get one for yourself and one for a friend.

A Special Discount

2 for $25.00 Gift Items

Purchase gift items in pairs for $25.00, a minimum $5.00 savings!

  • You must purchase two items from the same gift category, i.e., two cabochons, two tiles.
  • Both items must be available in the gallery so that they are in stock.
  • The two items don’t have to be both cat-themed or nature-themed, they all assort.
  • Both items must be shipped to the same address.
  • Excludes any offer for customization.
  • Each gift category has its own discount code.

Gift Items Included and Discount Codes


A bunch of new votives.

A bunch of new votives.

Choose from all the available votives priced at $15.00.

Use code 2VOTIVES25

Visit the gallery of Votives.

Cabochon Pendants

Cabochons from nature

Cabochons from nature

Choose from all the available cabochon pendants, all sizes and styles.

Use code 2CABOCHONS25

Visit the gallery of Cabochons.

Keepsake Boxes

Three from the set of "Found Along the Panhandle Trail" keepsake boxes.

Three from the set of “Found Along the Panhandle Trail” keepsake boxes.

Choose from all the available keepsake box designs, all sizes and styles priced at $15.00.


Visit the gallery of Keepsake Boxes.

Garden Flags

Garden Flag, Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

Garden Flag, Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

I only have one design right now, above, but hopefully soon I’ll have more.


Visit the gallery of Garden Flags.

Painted Signs

Cat signs.

Cat signs.

Choose from all the available signs, all sizes and styles priced at $15.00.

Use code 2SIGNS25

Visit the gallery of Signs.

Tote Bags

Bella and Foster Friends Tote Bags

Bella and Foster Friends Tote Bags

Choose from all the available tote bags, all sizes and styles unless otherwise marked.

Use code 2TOTES25

Visit the gallery of Tote Bags.


Choose from all the available tiles, all sizes and styles priced at $15.00.

Use code 2TILES25

Visit the gallery of Tiles.

Trinket Dishes

Big Nap Decorative Dishes

Big Nap Decorative Dishes

Choose from all the available trinket dishes, all sizes and styles priced at $15.00.

Use code 2TRINKETS25

Visit the gallery of Trinket Dishes.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’ll keep stocking the pages, and planning new things.

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