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50% Off on All Original Art

My physical recovery from my hip replacement has been a breeze, but my financial recovery has been moving a little more slowly as I wait for show season to arrive. It did, along with COVID-19, and just as quickly all my events into June have been cancelled. I feel pretty safe from COVID-19, and I […]


Buy 2 for $25.00 on Many Gift Items

Each item on my website has $5.00 added into the posted price to cover average shipping. But shipping two of most items often costs no more than shipping one. I always give a discount at in-person sales at shows and in my shop, and I try to offer discounts to customers who don’t live close […]


Let the Sun Shine With Handpainted Trinket Dishes!

These little trinket dishes are 3.5″ in diameter and approximately 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep, made from natural white polymer clay. Each dish is formed and painted individually. When I first made polymer clay trinket dishes last year they were kind of lumpy until I worked out how to make the shape for “Curving Silhouette”, but […]