Kelly on the Windowsill

A Tortie on a Tile, Kelly on the Windowsill

Kelly on the Windowsill

Kelly on the Windowsill

Back in 2012 when I was just a few months into my daily cat sketches I began experimenting with styles and media that I’d always wanted to use. One of these styles was the ink with watercolor wash style I’d seen so often on ceramic items like plates and vases, so as soon as I grew comfortable with my ink sketching I pulled in the watercolors. “Kelly on the Windowsill” was one of the first.

I used watercolor pencils to get the chance to also try out a known medium, watercolor, in a new form. It worked really well, and I enjoyed it so much that I did a total of four sketches within two weeks’ time, two featuring Kelly and two featuring Mimi, just by chance as they presented their beautiful selves as subjects for my inspiration. We lost Kelly just a few months after I did the sketch, and I’m so grateful I have the memory of her in one of her favorite places.

About the tiles

Each tile is about 4″ square. They are made of white polymer clay rolled thin with my artwork transferred onto the surface with clear details and bright colors. Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping and drying changes their dimensions, they are not entirely uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique.

Care and use of polymer clay items

Polymer clay is a flexible plastic that is baked in a moderate temperature to create a bond that strengthens its shape. The clay will retain some flexibility even after baking and larger pieces may even seem downright floppy. A finished piece may also soften a bit when it comes in contact with high heat so don’t put your polymer clay item in the dishwasher or on the stove. This may distort the shape of your dish, tile, or coaster. The benefit of this is that your polymer clay item is nearly unbreakable. They’ve hit the floor in my home and at vendor shows, and sometimes they bounce! Rarely, they will chip. I have never had one break.


The image is impressed onto the clay using a commercial quality opaque fabric transfer with a heat press. The entire piece, including the image, is waterproof, though gentle washing is still in order. The clay itself will always keep its color, it’s what I’ve added onto it that might be damaged with harsh detergent or heavy duty scrubbing. Let it soak a bit to loosen surface dirt from the varnish, then use a sponge or a washcloth.

AS A HOT PAD for items filled with heated contents

These work great as a coaster for items filled with hot food or liquids, like mugs of coffee or tea or dishes filled with cooked food. There is not enough heat transferred to affect the polymer.

DO NOT use UNDER CONTAINERS heated in oven or microwave

These cannot be used as a hot pad for items taken out of the oven or microwave or off the stove, any item which has been heated by cooking—the polymer will soften from the heat.

DO NOT use to serve food

I add a light coating of matte varnish to all my polymer clay items that are painted, have an image impressed on the surface or have any sort of decoration. Neither the clay itself nor the varnish is food safe. You can put some chips or nuts or candy in or on your dish, tile or coaster, but not dip or ice cream or sweet pickle relish, anything wet that will interact with the surface. Likewise, no pet food, at all, so they don’t lick the dish.


Whether on your countertop, desk, wall, or sink, or wherever you use your polymer clay item, whatever the color, shape or design, I hope it makes you smile every time you look at it.

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If you want to take advantage of the discount I only have one of “Kelly on the Windowsill”, but I do have other tiles in this style, and a big selection of feline-themed tiles as well as flowers and nature themes. Below is “Top of the World” featuring Mimi, in the same style and one of the four sketches I did at the same time as the one of Kelly. Click the image to read about and purchase this tile.

Top of the World

Top of the World

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