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I don’t usually try to create six new things at once, but it turned out okay. You know how I love to tell stories about the things I make. And I actually enjoy working out one new thing at a time, visualizing the idea, collecting materials, testing it and making changes if necessary, then sharing it here. But the opportunity to show my best plus new items to a new audience, the idea of sharing these ideas with a crowd of people who love cats, had me up late nearly every night, and not accomplishing much outside my studio. I honestly had 10 ideas listed to work out for the show—what was I thinking?

I posted about most of these items in the week leading up to the cat show, the “Bath Trinket Dish” is the only one I ran out of time to share. I now have everything listed here too so you can browse and buy if you please.

The Big Nap Decorative Dish

Big Nap Decorative Dishes

Big Nap Decorative Dishes

The Big Nap Decorative Dish is based on one of my brush pen sketches, each one handmade, hand painted and unique, reflecting my influences from Japanese brush pen art, Theophile Steinlen, and Andy Warhol. Dishes are 6.5″ wide x 5″ high, and about 1/2″ deep, made of polymer clay and painted with a variety of paints and finishes. Each is handmade, hand-painted and unique. Each is $25.00 including shipping. Read more about them or purchase below.

[ss_product id=’b0c349be-101b-11e8-9cf1-93caae3defbc’ ]Handmade Feline, The Big Nap Decorative Dish[/ss_product]

Back to Front in Black With Gold

Back to Front in Black With Gold

Back to Front in Black With Gold

This pendant is a variation of the original Back to Front pendant I designed in 2016. I’d also pictured this pendant in black so it was time to do it. This small pendant is made of black polymer clay with a print of my sketch “Back to Front” stamped in gold ink on the clay and finished with a matte varnish. The oval shape is 1″ x 1.5″ and comes with a black flocked cord. Each is $20.00 including shipping. Read more about them or purchase below.

[ss_product id=’b2e7f468-0fb9-11e8-8e5f-2b54c26e9407′ ]Jewelry, “Back to Front Pendant, Black with Gold”[/ss_product]

Heart Cats Decorative Dish

Heart Cat decorative dish.

Heart Cat decorative dish.

The “Heart Cat” decorative dish design is based on a favorite Valentine card, “You Are My Heart Cat”, which in turn is based on a photo I took in 2009 of one of their heart-shaped hugs. This dish is made of polymer clay rolled very thin, baked in a form and then painted. I’ve always like this shape for a dish, rectangular, but raised at the corners so it’s graceful but can still really hold contents. Each is $20.00 including shipping. Read more about the dish or purchase below.

[ss_product id=’280769fa-1022-11e8-8772-034364674fc3′ ]Handmade Feline, Heart Cat Decorative Dish[/ss_product]

Bath Trinket Dish

"Bath" trinket dish.

“Bath” trinket dish.

Japanese lacquerware was a popular theme in homes when I was growing up . A trinket dish in this style had been coming to mind for a while, and for the decorative image featured in gold in the center I decided to use one of my brush pen sketches. This 4” round curved dish is made from black polymer clay, trimmed in red and stamped in gold with my brush pen sketch “Bath”. Each is $20.00 including shipping. Read more about this dish or purchase below.

[ss_product id=’4cf04c88-1012-11e8-8ce9-5f9dbf735a49′ ]Handmade Feline, “Bath Trinket Dish”[/ss_product]

Kitty Love Frames, Mimi en Silhouette

Kitty Love picture frames.

Kitty Love picture frames.

I purchase unfinished frames and add color and black cat silhouettes in acrylic paint. Your photo fits in the heart-shaped opening. Frames are 5.5 x 8.5 and are displayed using a dowel peg in the back of the frame. The art is “Mimi en Silhouette” as the cat shape. I named this design in French because it’s an homage to Theophile Steinlen’s style and you may have guessed I’m very fond of his style. Read more about the frames or find them here.

[ss_product id=’c93d234a-102d-11e8-b94d-d3d80297587e’ ]Handmade Feline Kitty Love Frame, Mimi en Silhouette[/ss_product]

Tabbies Tiles

Tabbies Tiles

Tiles are about 4.75″ square, made of air-dry clay rolled thin, then pressed onto one of the inked linoleum blocks from my “Tabbies” series, printed in five different colors, the natural kitty colors you see above plus blue and magenta.

Each is finished on all sides with clear gloss acrylic varnish. Please click to the listing to read more about how to purchase the tiles.

And then some old favorites

Tortie Girls Prints, Trays and Tees

I prepared another set of prints and framed a few, wrapped a few, and made trays of a few, and still have a few tees. Find all the possibilities here.

My worktable in the studio was covered with sleeping cats so I moved the block printing down to the kitchen…and they followed.

Bella Bags! Bella and Her Foster Friends

I stenciled up a full set of new tote bags and sewed on all those green eyes one afternoon. You can read more about them or purchase below.

[ss_product id=’94b1571c-3f32-11e7-a40c-002590785994′ ]Handmade Tote Bag, Bella![/ss_product]

Mimi wonders why I’m printing a bag with a white cat…

Mimi wonders, "Why a white cat?"

Mimi wonders, “Why a white cat?”

Mimi is such an incredible studio assistant supurrvisor.

Mimi tests if these tiles will work by walking on each one.

It’s all done under the close and careful supervision of my studio cats!

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