"Running Through the Woods", pastel, 20" x 14" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Finished and Ready to Frame for Sun Shadow Ice & Snow 2016

 "Running Through the Woods", pastel, 20" x 14" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

“Running Through the Woods”, pastel, 20″ x 14″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

And not a moment too soon since the event begins tomorrow! August 26 and 27 is my annual exhibit on the Panhandle Trail. I spent most of the past week trying to finish off a few new pieces for it as I’ve also been working on several portraits. I’ve done more artwork in the past week than I’ve done in a long time, worn down a number of pastels to dust, and it feels really good. I’ve scanned all of these new pieces for the greatest clarity and the first few prints look great as well.

Above is the one piece that wasn’t included in my post the other day … because I hadn’t even begun it yet. It’s another one I’d been wanting to paint, a day in the woods and on the trail with my great-niece Cassidy and great-nephew Kyler from 2011, from the same visit where I got the reference photos for “The Swimming Hole” and the photo “Looking Forward”. This piece is titled “Running Through the Woods”, something everyone should have the chance to do when they are growing up, just letting loose and running along a path with the tall trees all around and the expanse of green urging you on. I’m so glad I had the chance to paint it after visualizing it for all these years.

I finished the detail on the moon in “Sycamore Moon”, giving it the characteristic grayish shapes on the glowing white surface that make it recognizably our moon, and resting among the somewhat gnarled sycamore branches. There are two large sycamore trees near the entrance of the trail, but because they are growing against a hill I don’t see them from this angle against the sky until I am headed back home, nearly at the trailhead, and often at dusk, especially the early dusk of a winter night.

“Bright Autumn” doesn’t look too different than it the last time I posted it, only a few areas refined and colors adjusted. I had wanted to do another autumn painting of Robinson Run reflecting trees, but this one painting will be fine for now. i chose it because it had such a great mix of colors with nice deep shadows for contrast.

I finally came up with a title for the largest piece, the one that includes me. A decade ago I called my first poetry ready “Paths I Have Walked” because so much of the inspiration for my poetry, other writing art and photography came from finding paths all over the hills and valleys where I grew up and following them wherever they led, and also following some other paths out of this place, giving me experience and a perspective. I had used this title on my 2011 poetry book using Dusk in the Woods on the cover. When I cast about for a title for this painting it came to mind fairly quickly; I also have future plans to set up my writing website and I’d planned to use one of the photos from the series of me in the woods so it all ties in together. I will write more later about the symbolism of this piece in my life today, but for now I will just say it feels entirely suitable. I have the feeling we will be seeing much more of this painting, and though I feel a little self-conscious that it’s kind of a self-portrait I’m glad I’ve finally appeared in my own art. Somehow that becomes necessary after time.

I had several other paintings in mind, smaller ones, snow and other scenery, but ran out of time. I created the paintings I could and I’m happy with them, and I still have the art I’d introduced in my 2014 exhibit. There will always be future years to create more. For now, I’m looking forward to setting up and presenting the new and the old this Friday and Saturday.

Join me for my third annual exhibit


seasons along the panhandle trail

Paintings, sketches and photographs

Opening friday august 26, 2016 5:00 p.m.
through saturday august 27 9:00 p.m.

Panhandle Trail quarry area as part of Rock the Quarry

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For faraway friends: Though this is a “tent and display” show, I will be posting special discounts on both originals and prints and merchandise here when the show opens and afterward.

I’ve been visiting the Panhandle Trail for more than 15 years with my bike and on foot, for exercise and inspiration, more inspiration than exercise, packing in with backpacks of camera equipment and art supplies. I’ve taken thousands of photos along the trail and off in the woods, but I’ve also done a number of sketches while there in pencil, charcoal, pastel and watercolor, and arriving home in my studio to do more from photos. I’ve collected a number of these for an exhibit, but not in a gallery—right on the trail, where I’ve spent so much time and found these inspirations. It’s the place where I found the scene of one of my favorite paintings, “Dusk in the Woods”.

Each year I’ve added something new. My first year debuted many original paintings, and my second I shared many of my favorite photos. This year I will have new paintings plus note cards, greeting cards and gift items. Some prior originals are also available as are prints of just about everything. You’ll find:

  • all original paintings that are available
  • framed prints of select photos included in the exhibit
  • framed digital prints of select paintings included in the exhibit
  • digital prints of all the photos in various sizes
  • greeting cards and note cards of many of the paintings and photos
  • various handmade gift items and housewares

You’ll find me in my tent during Rock the Quarry, the annual fundraiser for the Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail. I’ll have my exhibit set up and also have a display of prints, photos and notecards I’ve created over the years of scenes from along the trail and off in the woods. Once Rock the Quarry is over, they all come home with me so this will be your only opportunity to see them all together, although I will set them up as an online gallery as I have been setting up each of my exhibits.

A portion of sales of art and merchandise during Rock the Quarry will benefit the Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail.

Visit here to see the artwork and photos from previous exhibits that will also be included in this exhibit.


If you’re local I hope to see you. If you’re not, I’ll be sharing it here later this week and immediately this weekend.


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