Placemat varieties.

Laminated Placemats With Feline Artwork

Placemat varieties.

Placemat varieties.

I’m so excited about the new studio toy I’ve purchased! A laminator! Who would think something like that could be so exciting?

It’s a piece of equipment I’ve been intending to purchase for years actually. I wanted a larger one that I could use to laminate larger items, but inexpensive enough at a low quantity or even individually that I could resell the items for a reasonable cost. I also needed to find one that worked well with the inks in my Epson printer and the types of paper stocks I can run through it since the heat and the laminate can change the colors significantly, and I prefer a coated stock for the crisp clarity in my prints, but the coatings sometimes clump or smear in the heat of the laminator. A 13″ laminator plus the laminate pouches even as heavy as 8 mil finally came down far enough in price that I decided it was time to get one. If it didn’t work with what I could print, back it would go. But it all worked fine!

An option on nearly every image

This doesn’t just allow me to offer laminated placemats, it enables me to offer a laminated placemat in various sizes for most images on my website, the same way that I offer a mouse pad and greeting card along with various prints and canvases. That’s a nice addition to what I offer right now.

I kind of whispered about this the other day when I posted the sketch of Kelly having a drink and how nice that would be as a mat for a water bowl. That was one of the first designs I used to experiment. And then I made a few more prints on the cover stock I’d intended to use and worked with those.

The pockets come in 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 (with a little extra to overlap around the edges), and I can’t run smaller things through here, so for now I’ve worked with 8 x 10 and larger.

Placemats are printed on 110# matte cover stock and then laminated with 5 mil laminate. They can be used for water and food bowls as well as placemats for your table, or any surface that needs a little protection.

These designs are one-sided, but I will also offer a section of placemats under “Handmade and Gifts” that are two-sided in much the same way my garden flags have two designs back to back like those below: Two Cats After van Gogh, Fine Art Cats and Impressionist Cats. Artwork is best if it’s horizontal, but I can crop or work most images into a format.

I’m also excited about holiday designs, like these, for instance!

I’ll be adding this as an option to the images that are on the site right now, and also adding the section of placemats in the gift items section. Stay tuned!

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