Inscrutable Patterns oval

New Feline Tile Designs

Two tiles with Kelly on them.

Two tiles with Kelly on them.

Working from the tiles I made several months ago, I’ve made new feline tile designs in new sizes, shapes and styles featuring some of my favorite feline artwork for you to enjoy, to use to set down your iced tea or coffee, protect and decorate a countertop or hang on a wall like small paintings.


Inscrutable Patterns oval

Inscrutable Patterns oval

They are made of white polymer clay rolled thin with my artwork transferred onto the surface with clear details and bright colors. Because they are handmade and shaping, stamping and drying changes their dimensions, they are not uniform in size, shape or thickness, but that makes each one unique.

I really love the look of a tile where the art runs from edge to edge, but I discovered with the last group that set me up for a number of disappointments. Keeping the art transfer in exactly the right place to fill edge to edge and keep it straight was nearly impossible. That gave me little uneven snips of white clay here and there, and where the transfer overlapped the edge it gave me a messy, uneven and sometimes puckered area. And often the transfer itself would stretch near the edges and distort the art, or sometimes overheat and peel off.

To a certain extent I can trim the tiles, but that’s a lot of extra time and has its own issues. Ending up with tiles that aren’t neat and clear enough to sell gives me a bunch to use around the house, but that’s not the goal of my business.

Two tiles with Mimi on them.

Two tiles with Mimi on them.

So I decided I could live with a border of white clay around the art, and that’s the way these tiles are made. The clay stretches and shrinks a bit as it bakes, but for the most part the tiles are all square and all the edges are neat. That makes me happy, and it makes for a better product.


Each square tile is about 4″ square and about 1/4″ thick. I used a rolling cutter for ceramic clay which gave me a 1/4″ sloped edge around the 4″ image area. I like it for this set, and one advantage is that the increased contact on a surface seems to make it more stable and keeps it in place. I will continue to look for a 4″ square cutter that I can use like a cookie cutter…or maybe I’ll just make my own like the “Sitting Pretty” cookie cutter I made earlier in June.

A Few of My Favorite Things tile

A Few of My Favorite Things tile

I made a few ovals last time, and even then I’d envisioned a larger decorative tile to really show off the artwork in both ovals and circles. The issue here was a cutter for these shapes as well. The cutting edge had to be thin enough to cut through the clay and not just flatten out clay around the shape, which makes for a messy edge and sometimes a lumpy edge. I scoured thrift shops and dollar stores looking for containers in the right size with the right edge.

World Cat round tile

World Cat round tile

For the circles I ended up using one of my stainless steel bowls because the edge was thin enough to cut the clay without dragging out the edge all around, and that’s exciting because I have an almost unlimited number of circle sizes to work with. This circle is about 5″ in diameter.

The oval was impossible to find. I like a rounded oval, not elongated, with nice rounded ends and an arched top and bottom. What I found in containers were either football shaped or with flattened top and bottom. Earlier this spring I used a lid from a large round plastic ice cream container that was about an inch tall with a thin bottom edge and no vertical supports in the edge, I cut an X into the top, then shaped it by pulling two edges toward each other, pushing the other to edges out. When I reached the shape I liked I laid tape all over inside of the shape to hold it together, then later added two pieces of lightweight wood to help it hold the shape. This oval is 5″ x 7″ and it’s exactly what I had in mind for the larger decorative piece. One thing that may or may not be a drawback is that it’s a little floppy when held in the air, though it lies perfectly flat on a flat surface. I’ll see what people think, and in the future I may make them thicker so they hold their shape better.

Summer Living oval tile

Summer Living oval tile

Now that I’ve made all the feline tile designs, I have to make some flower tiles too! And then to make 4″ round coasters too.


  • These are not safe for use with food.
  • These work great as a coaster for items filled with hot food or liquids, like mugs of coffee or tea or dishes filled with cooked food. There is not enough heat transferred to affect the polymer.
  • They cannot be used with items taken out of the oven or microwave or off the stove, any item which has been heated by cooking—the polymer will soften from the heat.

And a special discount on two tiles

I add $5.00 shipping to my retail price of each item, but it costs about the same to ship two or three tiles as it does to ship one, and I also have a discount from the retail price for purchasing three or more tiles.

Purchase 2 tiles for $25.00, use discount code 2TILES25

Click the photo or the link to visit the product listing for each tile. (I typically set up “add to cart” buttons in posts, but that’s been a little confusing with unique handmade items when visitors find the post after the item has sold.)

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