Sitting Pretty Kitty Magnets and Pins

Sitting Pretty pins.

Sitting Pretty pins.

Here they are, finally! “Sitting Pretty” kitty refrigerator magnets and pins!

These magnets and pins are made with a “cookie cutter” die I made myself designed from a sketch titled “Kitty in PInk”. Each one is cut from rolled polymer clay and baked, then hand-painted. Designs come in black, white, gray, tortie, black tabby and ginger tabby. Pins and magnets are approximately 1.75″ wide x 2.5″ tall.

Special: Two Sitting Pretty Magnets or Pins for $25.00

Because it’s hard to choose just one, this special discount applies all the time on all my larger magnets, nature and cats:

  • buy two magnets for $25.00, use the discount code 2MAGNETS25
  • buy two pins for $25.00, use the discount code 2PINS25

They are $15 each and you get a $5.00 discount when you buy two. All tax, shipping and handling are included in that price. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!

About the artwork

Here is a gallery of the current designs.

  • The black kitty is painted with matte black enamel, and the gray kitty with gloss gray enamel.
  • The white kitty is painted with pearlescent white enamel, just because! I love the paint and I liked the idea. We’ll see how you like it and I may change things around in the future.
  • I finally put my tortie kitty idea to the test! I’ve been wanting to do the spatters on my Bella! tote bags but not had the chance to yet. I decided this was the time and I love it.
  • I really love how the ginger tabby and black tabby kitties came out. Sometimes it’s difficult to back off an be minimalistic and not paint on a face, but I just wanted the stripes.

I worked out the manufacture of my own “die” or basically a cookie cutter to use for creating consistent shapes of one of my sketches. It’s true—I’ve never found a cat cookie cutter that I liked or wanted to use. Most are arched-back Halloween cats or so distorted that I doubt the designer knew what a cat looked like.

My "cookie cutter".

My “cookie cutter”.

I had the idea from last year when I began making tiles and thought about other shaped items too, decorating them with colorful floral designs, and cat markings, of course! I browsed all the cookie cutters I could find just to cut the shape then add my own idea to the surface, and there wasn’t one cat I was remotely interested in using.

The idea was burning in my head while I worked out the best way to put it together. Like when I worked out imprinting my art on tiles I knew it would take time to play around and make a few mistakes, and that’s part of the fun of design. I asked my retired friend Bill if he had any lightweight flexible scrap metal and ideas for how to shape it into what I wanted. There are specialized tools for this, and I took shop class along with a lot of other middle school girls so I am familiar with them and even own a few. Bill gave me some pieces of metal, and I know has the tools but I wanted to start simple. A little experiment would tell me if it was going to work at all.

Kitty in Pink, marker © B.E. Kazmarski

I started out by choosing shapes that would work well for a silhouette, one sitting and one in a loaf, and printed them out to a good versatile size for all the purposes I had for it. Then I got my strip of metal and, holding it on its edge around the art, I began bending it to fit the outlines of the shape using the needle-nose pliers I use in framing. It was rough going because the shape is small, but when I got all the angles in and pushed the overlapped ends of the metal together and it looked like my sketch I was so excited I wanted to call someone immediately and share it. Instead I pressed on, clipped the shape together with binder clips, refined it a little more, and determined the best way to hold the ends together, decided on a small bolt and nut. I drilled a hole through both pieces of metal and connected them, then ran upstairs and turned on the oven to start making kitties! Cutting the clay with it worked so well that in just about 10 minutes I had a dozen kitty shapes. Making the cutter only took about an hour.

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