Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Mousepad, Lazy Saturday Afternoon

The mousepad is 7-3/4″ x 9-1/8″ and is made from stain-resistant high density foam, nicely cushioned and just right for any type of mouse to smoothly roll over the surface. Shipping is included.

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Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Lazy Saturday Afternoon


It’s Giuseppe in the front in teal, Mewsette draped off the edge in green, and Jelly Bean in purple. Rather than use the colors I associate with each of them, these colors came about because of the reflections on each of them from the window light, the mirror behind them and the walls. I hadn’t intended to do them in different colors though! This time I actually wanted them to be purple, maybe, with tints of other colors, but here we are again. Read more about this art under Fine Art & Portraiture.

In creating my Daily Sketches of my cats I experiment and work in a different style and medium each day. You can read more about these three sketches and other on The Creative Cat (

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