It’s Time for Meow-lo-ween!

Get ready for Meow-lo-ween!

Mimi is very proud of how her children have found a career as artist models.

This sketch, “Spooked on Halloween”, from Halloween night in 2012 as I handed out my candy and all the knocking got to be a bit much for these four was destined to be a Halloween design. I designed the card first and the sketch needed a little something extra so I drew a pumpkin to add to the design, and then went on from there to the garden flag, placemat, wooden panel decoration, and who knows what else I’ll create?

I will remark that I don’t like to associate black cats with Halloween for various reasons, but I didn’t pose a single one—they obligingly posed. But it’s never a bad thing to have cats of any color or pattern on a greeting card for any holiday.

Mimi, of course, oversaw the photography, as she always does. She also supervised the creation of a few of these items as well.

Mimi checks my print and paint as I work on the Pumpkin Panels.

Mimi checks my print and paint as I work on the Pumpkin Panels.

And formerly feral foster Hamlet hops up on my worktable to lend a paw and settles down on the print for the placemat. Thanks Hamlet!

Hamlet keeps the placemat print in place while I heat up the laminator.

Hamlet keeps the placemat print in place while I heat up the laminator.

The Meow-lo-ween Selection

Here’s the whole group of items, with descriptions and links below. I only have one Meow-lo-ween garden flag left, and one door decoration, so order soon!

Happy Meow-lo-ween Garden Flag

Happy Meow-lo-ween Garden Flag

Happy Meow-lo-ween Garden Flag

Flags are 11” wide x 15” tall and fit the most common garden flag bracket available, sold in most hardware and home renovation stores with a garden area. Most flags have a design on both sides, but in this case it’s solid purple on the back.

[ss_product id=’3d30ad46-8d6f-11e6-8091-002590787d08′ ]Garden Flag, Halloween, Happy Meow-lo-ween[/ss_product]

Only one left! Purchase here or visit Portraits of Animals for the garden flag.

Happy Meow-lo-ween Placemat

Happy Meow-lo-ween 11 x 17 laminated placemat

Happy Meow-lo-ween 11 x 17 laminated placemat

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Laminated Placemat is 11 x 17 laminated with 5 mil laminate, available singly and in sets of two and four. Placemats are printed on one side of 110# matte cover stock and then laminated with 5 mil laminate. They can be used for water and food bowls as well as placemats for your table, or any surface that needs a little protection.

[ss_product id=’34d2b192-8d6c-11e6-af26-002590787d08′ ]Laminated Halloween Placemat, Happy Meow-lo-ween[/ss_product]

Purchase here or visit Portraits of Animals for the placemat.

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Pumpkin Panel Decoration

Greet Meow-lo-ween guests!

Greet Meow-lo-ween guests!

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Pumpkin Panel Decoration is an 8.5″ x 11″ pumpkin-shaped painted and decorated wood panel made to hang on a wall or a door or stand up in a Halloween display.

I purchased a lightweight pumpkin-shaped wood panel in order to have some fun. It’s painted purple on the body and green on the stem and the sketch of the Four Housecats of the Apocalypse is printed on sticker material and adhered to one side. I added a leaf-decorated wired garland to decorate the stem.

It’s lightweight enough to hang on just about anything, and you can also lean it against another item or use a small easel to keep it upright in a table display. Mine hangs on my front door and has withstood a lot of temperature changes and humidity, so it could also spend sometime in an outdoor display that was protected from precipitation.

[ss_product id=’79917ec0-8d6d-11e6-bce4-002590787d08′ ]Handmade Feline Gift, Halloween Pumpkin Panel, Happy Meow-lo-ween[/ss_product]

Only one of these left as well! Purchase here or visit the product page on Portraits of Animals for the decoration.

“Happy Meow-lo-ween” Greeting Card

Happy Meow-lo-ween!

Happy Meow-lo-ween!

Cards are blank inside and printed on 12 pt. stock coated on the outside. Your choice of white or orange envelopes.

  • Meow-lo-ween cards assort with all other 5″ x 7″ greeting cards (except custom printed cards) for a quantity discount.
  • Price includes shipping via Priority Mail.

[ss_product id=’a0a45068-8d6e-11e6-a238-002590787d08′ ]Halloween Card, Happy Meow-lo-ween[/ss_product]

Purchase here or visit the product page on Portraits of Animals.

Other Halloween Cards

I have several other Halloween cards featuring these same cats and others!

cards-halloween-collageVisit “Seasonal and Holiday Cards” to see and purchase more. Purchases on The Creative Cat and Portraits of Animals go into the same shopping cart so you can shop both places and only have to check out once.

Mimi thinks this arrangement is best.

Mimi thinks this arrangement is best.

Mimi thinks this arrangement is best.

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